Seller bonuses

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Seller bonuses are accrued for purchases to Ozon Premium subscribers or when paying with an Ozon Account. You can spend bonuses on the following purchases from the seller who credited them.

How to get bonuses #

You can get bonuses for purchases of products from sellers with the icon who participate in the loyalty program.

The number of bonuses you get for your purchase is shown under the product price next to the icon, as well as in the cart at checkout. Bonuses are accrued after receiving the order.

The maximum number of bonuses that can be accumulated from each seller is 30,000. In a month, you can get no more than 30,000 bonuses from one seller.

How to find out the number of accumulated bonuses #

In your personal account, go to the Points section. The number of bonuses received from each seller is indicated in the Seller bonuses column.

You can also find information about the bonuses amount in your personal account in the Ozon Premium section.

Bonuses expire 1 year after accrual. The expiration date is listed under the number of bonuses.

How to spend #

You can spend bonuses only on the products of the seller who credited them.

You can use the seller bonuses to pay up to 99% of the product cost at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 ruble. The minimum cost of the product is 1 ruble, the rest you can pay with bonuses.

To pay for a purchase with bonuses:

  1. Activate Ozon Premium subscription, or when placing an order select payment with an Ozon Account.
  2. Select that you want to use bonuses to pay for the order.

If you have both Premium points and Ozon points in addition to seller bonuses, seller bonuses will be charged first. For example, you ordered for 100 rubles from a seller from whom you have accumulated 100 bonuses. At the same time, you have 100 Premium points and 100 Ozon points. In this case, only the seller bonuses will be deducted, and the Premium points and Ozon points will be kept.

What will happen to the bonuses when returning the product #

Bonuses are canceled when you return the product for which they were credited.

If you paid for all or part of your order with bonuses, when you cancel your order or return a product, the bonuses are refunded to you along with the money.

You can follow the bonuses accrual and refund in the Points section of your personal account.