How to protect your account from hacking

  • Check the website address
    Always check if the address of the website you are on is the same as Ozon’s. If the Ozon page seems suspicious to you, do not enter your personal data on it. Close the page if a message appears in the browser about visiting a suspicious site.
  • Install an antivirus
    Make sure there are no viruses on your device. With the help of viruses hackers can steal your files, lock your computer, and get passwords for websites where you are registered. Free programs Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or Dr.Web CureIt! can help you to check your computer and remove viruses quickly. You need to download them again before checking. To permanently protect your computer, you need to install an antivirus. Free antivirus programs are avast!, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender Antivirus, Kaspersky Free, Panda Free Antivirus.
  • Enable biometric authorization in the app
    If a password can be hacked or cracked, and an access code can be stolen, then biometric data can’t be faked. Besides, this method is faster, you don’t have to wait for the code in the SMS, the login is done in a second. Learn more about how to activate fingerprint or facial scan authorization in the mobile app in the My account section.

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