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Types of hotels #

A hotel type depends on the accommodation, food, service, and other factors.

Guest house or hotel #

Hotels that are located in the city limits and offer a wide range of services. Guests stay there during sightseeing tours or business trips.

Business hotels #

Hotels specializing in servicing business trips, conferences, and business offsite events, when guests need to be provided with places for meetings and negotiations. Usually contain one or more conference rooms, may contain rooms for negotiations and meetings.

A hotel usually has free Wi-Fi and a business center–a room with computers or places to connect them, a copier, fax, and printer.

Bed and Breakfast or B&B #

Mini-hotels that first appeared in the UK. They are run by the same family and often do not have a “star” classification or even the status of a hotel. Usually they are a large house with several bedrooms or a large apartment in the house.

Ski hotels, chalets #

Traditional hotel buildings or buildings of several floors made of logs with a sloping roof. Slopes and ski lifts are located near the hotels. There are also chalets and apartments in the ski resorts. The chalet is a separate house, the apartments are part of the chalet.

Any of these types of accommodation can be located directly at the foot of the ski slope or away from it.

Ski hotels differ from the usual ones only by the presence of a special place for storing ski equipment.

Hostels #

Guest houses for travelers who prefer an economical vacation option.

The cheapest rooms in hostels are usually large rooms with rows of bunk beds and bedside tables with code locks or padlocks. Up to 12-20 people stay in such rooms. The fewer beds, the more expensive the accommodation. Accommodation is often not divided into female and male rooms, everyone lives in one room.

The rules of accommodation in hostels are always regulated and are almost the same all over the world. For example, it is forbidden to:

  • smoke in rooms,
  • come later than 23:00,
  • stay in the room from 11:00 to 12:00 or when cleaning takes place,
  • make noise after 23:00.

Showers and toilets are located on the floors, less often–in each room. Each hostel must have a kitchen with all the necessary equipment and utensils. Breakfast is often included in the price or offered for an additional fee.

Apartments and apart-hotels #

Apartments are flats, sometimes small houses, villas, or half a house with a separate entrance, which are rented to tourists for different periods.

Apart-hotels are located at hotels and by their type and set of services are similar to hotels. They differ from the simple ones by the number of rooms and the presence of a kitchen.

An apartment has everything you need for life: an equipped kitchen and household appliances. For example, a dishwasher and a washing machine, a microwave, air conditioning, and a TV. In hot countries, you can also find swimming pools, parking, balconies, and a terrace.

An apart-hotel differs from the apartments by regular room service and the presence of a reception desk. The apartments are rented for a long time and by default do not imply additional maintenance. Linen is often provided for an additional fee, and final cleaning is paid for on site.

Types of accommodations #

The voucher contains the accommodation type designation. You can tell from it:

  • type of the room,
  • how many people is it designed for,
  • how many beds are there in it,
  • what will be the view from the window.
Designation Decryption
SGL/Single Single room.
DBL/Double Double room with one double bed.
TWIN Double room with two separate beds.
TWIN SOLO/Twin for Single use/for Sole use Double room with separate beds, designed for one person.
Double for Single use/Double for Sole use Double room with a double bed, designed for one person.
TRPL/Triple Triple room. Often with a double bed and an extra bed, sometimes with three separate beds.
QUAD/Qdpl/Quadruple Four-bed room of one room.
Child bed A bed for a child. Usually up to 12 years, but sometimes up to 15 years.
Cot/cradle/crib Cradle for a child up to 2 years old. Provided on request. It is not guaranteed, their number in the hotel is limited.
Infant Child under 2 years old.
Extra bed Extra bed, which is placed in Twin and Double rooms and occasionally Triple. Usually it means the same thing as a Child bed, but it happens that it also represents accommodation for an adult guest.
B&B/Bed and Breakfast A room in a mini-hotel where breakfast is served. Usually this is a private house or apartment with no more than 15 rooms.

Rooms classification #

Designation Decryption
Apartment A hotel room similar to an apartment, consisting of two or more rooms with a kitchen. The cost of meals is usually not included in the room price.
1 Bedroom/1 BDRM One bedroom apartment.
2 Bedroom/2 BDRM Two bedroom apartment.
Balcony Room Room with a balcony.
BG/Bnlg (bungalow) Separate building. It is usually offered in southern countries.
Cabana Bungalow on the beach or by the pool, which stands apart from the main building and is sometimes equipped as a bedroom.
Club floor A floor in a hotel with a higher level of service, an additional set of services and a place for collective leisure. A separate reception is possible.
Club room Room on the club floor.
De Luxe/Deluxe Superior room. For example, larger in size or with a better view from the window.
Duplex Two-storey room.
Executive A room of a higher category than the standard one.
Executive floor A floor in a hotel with a higher level of service and an additional set of services.
Family Room Family Room. Larger than the standard, often consisting of two rooms.
Honeymoon Room Room for newlyweds.
HV/Holiday Village Hotel, which consists of a complex of bungalows.
Kingsize Bed Large bed with a width of more than 180 cm.
King (President, Royal) Suite The most luxurious room of the hotel. It consists of several bedrooms, a cabinet, and several bathrooms.
MB/Main building The main building of the hotel, consisting of several buildings.
New Building New building, if the hotel has several buildings.
Sitting area Part of the room where there are armchairs, a coffee table, sometimes a sofa.
Standart Standard room.
Studio Studio apartments. Without a living room, with a small low partition or without a partition between the room and the kitchen.
Suite High comfort room. Usually includes a bedroom and a living room. There are different categories of suites, including from one to several rooms.
Executive Suite Similar to Suite, only with two beds.
Junior Suite High comfort room. It usually consists of one large room divided into sleeping and living areas.
Mini Suite Improved category room. Better than Superior.
Senior Suite High comfort room. Usually two-room: living room and bedroom.
Superior The room is larger than the standard one.
Superior Chalet High comfort Chalet.
Connected/Connecting rooms Combined rooms connected by a door.
Adjoining rooms Adjacent rooms that do not have a connecting door.
ROH/Run of the house Hotel accommodation without specifying the type of room and the view from the window.

Type of food and breakfast #

Food #

  • AI/All inclusive: a minimum of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including local drinks in unlimited quantities.
  • BB/Bed and breakfast: accommodation in a mini-hotel with breakfast.
  • FB/Full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • HB/Half board: breakfast, dinner. In the UAE, only breakfast and lunch.
  • RO/Room onl: without food.
  • UAI/Ultra all inclusive: unlimited meals throughout the day and any drinks.

Breakfast #

Breakfast type Decryption
CB/Continental breakfast Continental breakfast. Cold breakfast. Usually it is served on the table. Minimum requirements: bread, rolls, jam, and a hot drink. May include cheese or fruits.
BB/Buffet Breakfast Cold buffet breakfast. Minimum requirements: bread, rolls, jam, hot drink, ham, cheese or fruits, as well as fruit juices, cereals, and salads.
HB/Hot Buffet Breakfast Hot buffet breakfast. BB/Buffet Breakfast additionally with scrambled eggs and bacon.
A la carte A la carte meals.

View from the window #

Hotels can add a view from the window in the room name. Basic designations:

  • Canal View–view of the canal,
  • City View–on the city,
  • Garden View–on the garden,
  • Mountain View–to the mountains,
  • Ocean View–on the ocean,
  • Pool View–on the pool,
  • River View–on the river,
  • Sea View–on the sea,
  • Side Sea View–side sea view,
  • Lake View–view of the lake.

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