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After placing an order, in addition to information about passengers and the flight, you will see its number, the total cost, and the payment deadline.

The payment deadline is determined by the booking validity period. This is the period of time given to pay and issue tickets on a certain order. If you don’t pay for the order within this period, the order will be canceled. For each order, the payment deadline is set individually and depends on the deadline set by the airline.

What does the payment deadline depend on? #

The payment deadline depends on many factors, for example, on the date of departure, on the number of available seats on the plane, on the season. As a rule, the payment deadline is from 15 minutes to 48 hours, and sometimes up to 72 hours.

At the same time, you should always keep in mind that the validity of the booking may change. This happens especially often with tickets for close departure dates. Please remember that no matter what deadline you saw when booking, the carrier can cancel the booking at any time before it expires. Airlines always allow you to create more bookings than the number of available seats at your selected price, because they know that some of the bookings will not be paid. As soon as the required number of tickets is issued, all unpaid bookings are canceled. And, regardless of the fact that the payment deadline has not yet passed, you will not be able to buy a ticket at the selected price.

Since the carrier performs all actions in the booking system, it will not be possible to see these changes in your personal account. You can see the information only by opening the booking in the booking system. Therefore, there are cases when there is still enough time in your personal account to pay for the order, but after you make the payment, it is not possible to issue a ticket at the selected price. Write to the Ozon Travel support chat, and we will help you in this situation.

To avoid such situations, we recommend paying for the booking immediately after placing the order. Then the chance to buy the ticket you like will be much higher.

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If you still have questions, write to the Ozon Travel support chat.