How to change the payment method

You can change the payment method only in the mobile app for orders with the “Awaiting payment” status and payment by bank card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

You cannot change the payment method if:

  • there are products in the order that are delivered by the seller themselves;
  • the Ozon Card payment method is selected;
  • Ozon or Ozon Card points are used in the order.

To change the payment method:

  1. In your personal account go to the order page.

  2. Click Change payment method.

  3. Select a new payment method. You cannot select “Saved card upon receipt”. The total cost of the order will be shown under the selected method.

    The total cost of the order may change due to applying the product promotions. If the promotion under which you bought products has ended, the cost of the order will increase. If not, the cost of the order will remain the same or decrease, taking into account the new promotions.

  4. Click Change payment method.

    If you are paying for an order with a new card, enter its details. If you are using the previously saved card, specify the CVV/CVC and the confirmation code from the SMS.

If the card payment failed, the payment method will still change.

If you were unable to pay for an order for which the payment method was changed immediately, you can do it later.