Rules for selling products in this category #

  1. The placement of vitamins and dietary supplements, sports dietary supplements, as well as medications is phohibited in the Parapharmaceuticals category. The sale of medications is prohibited completely.

  2. The name and description of products in the Parapharmaceuticals category should not mislead buyers or give them the impression that the product is a medication.

  3. You can place products on your own. They will become available only after the quality control documents, namely, the Certificate of State Registration (SGR), or Declaration of Conformity (DS), are uploaded and checked.

  4. The required document type depends on the type, composition, and description of the product:

    • Declaration of Conformity (DS) for food products

    • Certificate of State Registration (SGR) for special food products,

    • Declaration of Conformity (DS) for perfumes and cosmetic products.

In case of violation of the rules, we reserve the right to block the PDPs with violations, as well as fully terminate our cooperation.

Starting selling products #

To make your products become available for purchase on Ozon, do the following:

  1. Upload your products. When uploading, specify the exact composition and upload pictures of the product and the composition as shown on the packaging.

  2. In your profile, go to Products and prices → Quality certificates and upload the Declaration of Conformity (DS) or Certificate of State Registration (SGR).

  3. Link the uploaded products to the corresponding documents.

  4. After successfully passing moderation and checking the uploaded documents, the products will become available for purchase on Ozon.

Regulations #