IPL Devices

Rules for selling products in the category #

IPL devices are medical devices, as they emit intense pulsed light that directly affects the human body. In the Russian Federation, it is allowed to sell only those medical devices that have passed state registration and have a registration certificate.

If you place IPL devices that have not passed state registration or do not have a registration certificate on Ozon, or place them in a category which is not intended for medical devices, we will block the cards of these products. Ozon also reserves the right to restrict your access to the category or completely terminate cooperation with you in such a case.

How to start selling products #

  1. Upload products.
  2. In your seller profile go to the Products and prices → Quality certificates page and upload registration certificates.
  3. Link the uploaded items with their documents.
  4. Once the moderation is successfully passed, and the uploaded documents are verified, your products will start selling on Ozon.

Regulatory acts #