Rapid Test Kits

Ozon Global Sellers are not allowed to sell COVID-19 test kits.

Product requirements #

Please note that, in accordance with Item 1.2 of Section “Product Requirements” of the Agreement, products must be of proper quality that is suitable for ordinary purposes for which such products are used.

In accordance with Item 8 of Section “Assurances and Warranties” of the Agreement, the partner has provided Ozon with assurances that each product item meets all requirements enforced by legislation of the Russian Federation and the Agreement and takes fully responsibility for their actions.

Please pay special attention to product descriptions and follow the above recommendations for the provision of documents depending on the type, composition, and description of products.

Rules for selling rapid test kits, except for COVID-19 test kits #

You can sell a rapid test kit on Ozon if the instruction for use thereof indicates that the rapid test kit can be used at home or it is intended for self-use. Examples of rapid test kits:

  • Test strips for detecting antibodies in blood (e.g., to HIV),

  • Drug test kits,

  • Pregnancy test kits.

Since rapid test kits are medical products, in accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 31, 2020 No. 2463, for each test kit, the following must be provided:

  • Registration Certificate (RU) for the medical product, issued by the Federal Service for Healthcare Supervision following the established procedure.

  • Instructions indicating the purpose of the product, i.e. “can be used at home” or “intended for self-use.”

It should also include information about the following:

  • Method and conditions of application,

  • Effect the test produces,

  • Use limitations (contraindications).

Rapid Test Kits is a closed category.

Getting access to the category #

  1. In your profile, go to Products → Certificates and upload the Registration Certificate for each product. Learn more about uploading product certificates.

  2. Message us by following the link or clicking on the message icon at the bottom of your profile and selecting Other → Create a request. Select the Quality Control section and Quality Documents and Certificates subsection. In the request, send a list of the products for which you have uploaded documents, and ask us to check them.

We’ll check the uploaded documents. If there is nothing wrong with them, we’ll allow you to upload the products.

  1. Upload the products. When uploading, do the following:

    • provide the exact composition,

    • upload product photos and composition as shown on the packaging.

  2. Link the uploaded products to the corresponding documents.

After successfully passing moderation, the products will become available for purchase on Ozon.

Regulations #

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 31, 2020 No. 2463 “On the Approval of the Rules for the Sale of Goods under a Retail Sale Agreement, the List of Durable Goods Which Are Not Subject to the Consumer’s Requirement for the Free Provision of Goods with the Same Basic Consumer Properties for the Period of Repair or Replacement of Such Goods, and the List of Qualified Non-Food Goods Which Are Not Subject to Return, as well as on the Introduction of Amendments to Certain Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation”