Baby Food

Rules for selling products in the category #

If you plan to sell baby food on Ozon, make sure that your product:

  1. Complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 021/2011 “About food safety”. For example, raw materials containing GMOs or grown with the use of pesticides can’t be used for producing baby food.

  2. Has passed state registration before being imported into the territory of the Customs Union as a specialized food product. A request for registration can be submitted by the product manufacturer or seller. When registering, you need to provide the results of research on product samples and technical documentation according to which baby food was produced.

  3. Is marked in accordance with TR CU 022/2011.

Ozon strictly enforces these requirements and blocks products that don’t comply with the marketplace rules or restrains the sales of such products.

Learn more about reasons for blocking

How to start selling products #

  1. Upload products.
  2. In your seller profile go to the Products and prices → Quality certificates page and upload registration certificates.
  3. Link the uploaded items with their documents.
  4. Once the moderation is successfully passed, and the uploaded documents are verified, your products will start selling on Ozon.

Regulatory acts #