China Post

Sellers from China can use China Post as part of the Ozon Partner Delivery. This is a special Ozon ePacket offer, unlike the other logistics offers of China Post.

Official partner website

Drop-off points #

When adding the ePacket delivery method, select one of the China Post drop-off points available for Ozon sellers.

If the drop-off point provides a pick-up service, contact the manager to select a convenient time.

Shipping provider terms #

If there are several items in one order and the shipment exceeds the specified weight or dimensions, divide the order into several shipments. Drag necessary items into the New departure block.

Each shipment needs separate packaging and label.

List of products prohibited for carriage by China Post

Payment terms #

Ozon commission fee is 15 rubles for each delivered shipment. Amount includes VAT.

Products delivery payment includes VAT and is made according to approved rates with a discount from the standard rate of China Post.

Delivery times

China Post sends unclaimed shipments to a warehouse in China for free.

Pay for logistics services directly to China Post.

If you have a valid contract with China Post, pick-up and drop-off services are provided under the established conditions. China Post will differentiate Ozon shipments by tracking number.

If you don’t have a contract with China Post, you can pay for delivery services at the drop-off point or open an account to pay for delivery. To open an account, contact the selected drop-off point at the given phone number.

Before the first shipment, arrange a drop-off time in advance.

China Post agents #

China Post agents can offer additional services. For example, they can pick up shipments from your warehouse and hand them over to the post office.

Ozon has no control over the agents' work and is not responsible for their services. If you use agent’s services, the responsibility rests with you.

You pay directly to the agents. Ozon isn’t involved in the payment process. We only provide you with information about the possibility of cooperation with agents.

Compensation #

If the products are lost or damaged, you can receive compensation from China Post. It will be equal to the declared value, with a maximum amount of 300 CNY.

A shipment is considered to be lost if:

  • it hasn’t received the arrived in the Russian Federation status within 60 days after acceptance at the drop-off point;
  • it hasn’t received the returned to China status within 60 days after acceptance at the drop-off point.

To receive compensation, send a claim to the drop-off point.

You can send a claim directly to China Post within 60 days after the shipment is considered to be lost. The claim will be reviewed within 30 days.

China Post is not responsible for lost, damaged or undelivered shipments if:

  • the seller has violated the shipment content requirements;
  • the customer hasn’t complained about the packaging of the shipment;
  • obligations weren’t fulfilled due to force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters or strikes.
For exact terms of compensation contact China Post’s drop-off points.