Promotion in search results

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Search helps customers find the right products. You can influence the position of your products in the search results by:

  • working with PDPs;
  • using the “Promotion in search results” campaign.

How to launch a campaign #

  1. In your account, go to Promotion section and hover over Create a campaign.

  2. Select Promotion in search results.

  3. Enter the campaign name and click Create campaign.

  4. Click Add products.

  5. Select the products you want to add to the campaign. You can find them by product name, Ozon ID, Product ID, or via filters. If you can’t select a product, it means that it’s already participating in another campaign.

    You can add or remove products at any time or move them from one campaign to another.
  6. Specify the rate for the order.

  7. Click Add products to campaign.

  8. Check the campaign settings and activate it.

Rate #

From January 16, 2023, the minimum amount of total and special rates is 7%. To promote your products, consider the value of the competitive rate in your account.

The rate is calculated as a percent of the price at which the customer bought a product after all discounts had been applied and bonus points withdrawn. You define the rate for each product individually. To raise the product in the search results, increase the order rate.

The rates can be total and special. Total ones promote the product for all search queries, and special—for one of the 20 most popular: they bring the most orders and are automatically selected by the system for each product.

How to set up total rates #

To set the total rate for a group of products, go to the tab with the active campaign and scroll the table to the right. In the Total rate column click on the percentage rate button. Specify the total rate and click Apply.

How to set up special rates #

To check the requests for which products are most often ordered, go to the tab with the active campaign and scroll the table to the right. In the Special rates column, click the Customize button.

To specify a rate for one product, on the campaign page, click on the rate value of the necessary product, enter a new value, and click Apply. If you want to promote only on selected queries, set the total rates to 0% and fill in the special rates values.

The system also gives a view and average product position forecast with and without a rate. You can change the value to choose the best rate for promotion.

The view forecast is approximate, its value is influenced by:

  • rates of other sellers;
  • adding new products to the promotion in search;
  • current product rating;
  • product prices.

Competitive rate #

The system calculates a competitive rate: the recommended rate value per order. This value helps to understand what rate other sellers are placing in one category.

Competitive rate value is calculated as the average value of all rates for any product.

Visibility index #

The visibility index displays the search or catalog page where a product was most frequently found over the previous 24 hours. For example, if index = 1, customers more often saw the product on the first page of the search or catalog. If it’s further than the 10th page, the visibility index will show the 10+ value.

When calculating the index, the system uses only product views when sorting by popularity, without taking into account other filters.

Product position in search, catalog, or the display frequency in recommendations may differ for various search queries and customers.

Metrics panel #

The metrics panel is in the PromotionPromotion in search section and displays the following metrics:

  • Orders: the number of items purchased during the period;
  • Spent on promotion: total expense for the period;
  • Revenue: products sold cost;
  • Share of advertising expenses: the percentage of promotion cost to products sold cost.

Statistics #

To download the report on orders:

  1. In your account, go to Promotion section and on the Promotion in the search results tab.
  2. Select the necessary period and grouping: by days, weeks or months.
  3. Click Download Excel.

Which orders are included in the campaign statistics #

The order will be included in the statistics if the customer:

  • clicked on the product in search results, categories, or recommendations in the PDP;

  • added it to Cart or to Favorites during the day;

  • bought this product within 21 days;

  • re-ordered the product from the campaign or via Repeat order;

  • bought a product of the same model, but in a different variation.