PDP and Categories

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Step 1. Fill in the main parameters of your advertising campaign #

  1. To create an advertising campaign to be posted on the Product Description Page or in a category, go to the Advertising campaigns section. Click on Создать кампанию (Create a campaign) on the right.

  2. Select Реклама товаровКарточка товара и категории (Advertisement of products → Product description page and categories).

  3. Enter the name of your advertising campaign.

  4. Enter the date of your advertising campaign, or select an indefinite campaign.

  5. Specify the maximum amount you are ready to spend daily on the advertising campaign. The minimum daily budget is 500 rubles. You can also skip setting a restriction on the budget for your advertising campaign.

  6. Next, click on Создать кампанию (Create a campaign) in the bottom right corner.

Users will see your advertisement on any device: on the website, in the mobile app or in the mobile version of the Ozon website. Pay attention to how the advertisement will appear to the customer:

  • On the PDP: next to the description of the main product in the Sponsored products block on the website or in the Recommended promo products block in the mobile app.
  • In the category your product is in: in the block above the product catalogue, with a Sponsored products mark on the website or Sponsored product in the mobile app.
We often experiment with widgets by changing their name or design. We register a number of user metrics such as click-through-ratio (CTR) or products added to cart conversion (CR). Such experiments help finding better-working options.

Step 2. Add products that will participate in your advertising campaign #

To do this, use one of the following methods:

  • Click the Добавить товары (Add products) button and find the products by name. Select the products you wish to advertise and click on Добавить в кампанию (Add to campaign).

  • Click the Добавить товары (Add products) button, and click Добавить списком (Add as a list) in the upper right corner. Add products as a list by Product ID or Ozon ID. The list can be copied from the Products by categories XLS or Products CSV file (ProductsList of ProductsDownload Products).

Please note that no more than 500 products can be added to a single advertising campaign.

Step 3. Specify the rate #

The higher the rate, the higher is the probability that the product will be shown in the advertisement. We recommend calculating the rate based on your advertising budget, price and marginality of products. The rates can be changed at any time. Your products will start participating in an auction with new rates within 10 minutes.

Specify how much you are ready to pay per 1000 impressions or per click. To prevent the products from being shown on PDPs, enter 0.

For the blocks on PDPs, we first select all products of the same category, and then, accompanying products. For example, for a smartphone, we will display all other smartphones first, sorted by rate, and then, accessories for smartphones.


The minimum rate is 25 rubles per 1000 impressions and 7 rubles per click.

The increment is 1 ruble.

Incorrect rates get adjusted automatically. If the value is:

  • less than the minimum, it will be raised to the minimum;
  • with an incorrect increment, it will be rounded down. For example, 40.7 rubles will be rounded down to 40 rubles.

Step 4. Activate your advertising campaign #

Check the advertising campaign settings. If everything is correct, activate the advertising campaign.

Now your products will participate in the auction and be shown in advertisement blocks.

Products are selected for the advertisement block every time a page is loaded. To make sure your products can get into one of the blocks, the advertising campaign must be enabled.