First Advertising Campaign Launch

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Once you’ve decided to set up your first advertisement campaign, we recommend to start by adding some 3–5 products and assessing the promotion efficiency with these settings.

Prepare the products and plan their promotion #

To make sure that the advertising campaign is efficient, before launching it:

  1. Check that the PDP contains:

    • High-quality images. They should depict your product as favorably as possible.
    • A detailed description. A detailed description helps the customer make a decision on purchasing the product.
    • Positive reviews and replies to negative reviews.
  2. Combine products of the same model but with different characteristics such as size, color or volume in a single PDP. This will help you save on promoting your products. How to combine products in a single PDP.

  3. Combine the promotion tools. For example, Advertising products + Reviews for points or Banners + My promos.

  4. Use negative keywords when advertising products in the search to avoid displaying the advertisement to anyone beyond your target audience. Working with search phrases.

Start your advertising campaign #

To start an Advertising products advertising campaign, go to the Advertisement section, and follow these guidelines:

Once you launch an advertising campaign, the products added to it will be shown in the Sponsored products block.