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Ozon can accrue bonuses for participating in events and completing surveys: 1 bonus = 1 ruble. You can spend bonuses on campaigns and can’t exchange them for money. Ozon sends information about events and surveys by email and shows it in your account and on the main Ozon Seller page.

Accrual and withdrawal of bonuses #

After you participate in an event or complete a survey, bonuses will be accrued to your account automatically or after using promo codes. You can spend bonuses until their expiration date.

If you have bonuses, they are spent on promotion first, and once they are spent—rubles. Bonuses are withdrawn for active campaigns every day. Based on the results of the billing period, you pay only the amount spent over the bonuses.

You can spend bonuses only on internal promotion, including:

  • media advertising: you can spend bonuses to pay up to 99% of the cost of display advertising and branded shelves, we’ll withdraw the remaining 1% in rubles at the end of the reporting period and immediately accrue it in bonuses;
  • stencils: you can spend bonuses to pay up to 100% of the cost of campaigns.

You can view operations with the bonus account and their number on the PromotionStencils or Promotion in search resultsExpenses page.

Operations that may take place on your bonus account:

  • Withdrawal: automatic withdrawal of bonuses to active campaigns.
  • Adjustment: accrual or withdrawal of bonuses from the platform. Withdrawal is applied if the charges are incorrect.

If the bonuses aren’t accrued #

If you didn’t receive bonuses or a promo code after participating in the event or passing the survey, contact support. To do this, in your personal account at the bottom of the screen, click Create a request. Select the request subject: “Promotion. Marketing”.

Promo codes #

For participating in events or taking surveys, you can get a promo code with bonuses that you can spend on promotion. Some promo codes have an expiration date and activation conditions, for example, some promo codes allow you to spend bonuses only on the first campaign. You won’t be able to use the promo code after the activation period expires.

To activate a promo code, on the Expenses page, in the Activate promo code field, enter the promo code and click Activate.