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“My Store” is the promotion of your store on the Ozon main page, the All stores page and category pages. You will pay for every 1000 store card impressions.

Setting up a campaign #

To set up the campaign, go to the Advertisement page, click on Create campaign and select the My Store type in the Media advertising block. You can create only one “My Store” campaign. If you deactivate the campaign, it will be moved to the list of inactive campaigns.

Step 1. Enter the name and set the budget #

Enter the campaign name and specify the budget you are ready to spend on advertising. By default, there is no budget restriction.

The minimum budget is 500 rubles per day. If you spend less on advertising than you budgeted for the day, you will only be charged for the amount spent.

The budget is spent uniformly throughout the day. If the amount is insufficient for continuous impressions throughout the day, we will automatically suspend them. There is a minor delay between the time of store card impression and the time when the money is charged for it. Therefore, we recommend setting a slightly lower budget than what you are ready to spend per day.

You can change the budget later at the campaign page.

Step 2. Set up the store card appearance #

Learn more about setting the appearance of your store card

Products for the PDP are selected automatically, depending on the section where it’s shown:

  • For the Stores section, the three best-selling products. To show your store card on the Ozon main page, your store should sell at least three products.
  • For the All stores section, the three best-selling products. To show your store card on this page, a store should sell at least three products. To show your store card with the category filter activated, there should be three best-selling products from this category in your account.
  • For a product category, the three newest products from this category. To show your store card in a product category, the store should sell at least three products from this category.

Step 3. Set the rate #

The higher the rate, the higher is the probability that the store will be shown. You can change the rates any time, and the store will start participating in the auction with new rates within 10 minutes. The minimum rate is 50 rubles, and it’s the same for all locations. The increment is 1 ruble.

Specify how much you are ready to pay per 1000 impressions of your product.

Incorrect rates get adjusted automatically. If the value:

  • is less than the minimum, it is raised to the minimum—50 rubles;
  • has an incorrect increment, it will be rounded down, e.g., 40.7 rubles will be rounded down to 40 rubles.

Step 4. Activate your campaign #

Check the settings of your campaign and set the toggle switch to the position . Now your store will participate in the auction and its card will be shown in advertisement blocks.

Learn more about campaign statuses

Stores are selected for the advertisement block every time the page is loaded. To make sure that your store can be shown in the advertisement block, you must have the advertising campaign activated.

Advertising campaign statuses #

  • Active: the toggle switch is On , and the store's products are being shown.
  • Suspended: the toggle switch is On , but the products are not being shown. The status appears when:
    • we are checking a partner's activity;
    • the campaign period expired;
    • there are less than 3 products in stock.
  • Inactive: the toggle switch is Off , and the products are not being shown.
  • Archived: the campaign is archived and will be automatically deleted in 30 days after archiving.

Locations #

The store card can be shown on the full and mobile versions of the website and the Ozon mobile app. To make sure your store can get into the advertisement block, you must have the advertising campaign activated.

You can view examples of your store placement in your personal account.

Deactivate advertising #

On the Advertisement page, you can view a list of all your advertising campaigns of the Media Advertising type.

You will see the Active tag in the Status column next to the active campaign name. To stop displaying the advertisement on the Ozon website and in the mobile app, you can:

  • Deactivate the campaign. You can reactivate it at any time.

  • Archive the advertising campaign. You can reactivate it only within 30 days after archiving. After that, it will be deleted permanently.

    Learn more about campaign statuses

To do this, click on next to the campaign name and select Deactivate or Archive.

Statistics #

Statistics for your campaigns is available in your personal account. You can download detailed reports in CSV format. The data is available for a 12 months period. To do this:

  1. Click Download statistics on the campaign page.
  2. Select the period for which you wish to get statistics for.
  3. In the Grouping field, you can specify whether to group the data by days, weeks, or months.
  4. Click Export to CSV to generate a report.
  5. Click to open the Latest reports section. It contains completed reports requested by you over the current day. Click the necessary report file to download it to your computer.

Explanations for some fields:

  • Page type: the impression location.
  • CTR (click-through rate): the ratio of clicks to the number of impressions.

Pay attention to the number of impressions and CTR in the report. A high CTR shows that customers are interested in your store, and its card gets clicked on often. However, if your store has few views, this means that it rarely gets into advertisement blocks. To correct this, we recommend increasing the rate. This way, the store will win more auctions and be shown to users more often. If, conversely, the CTR is low, we recommend reducing the rate.

Payments #

You can view the advertising costs over the current period on the Advertisement page in your personal account. The payment for advertisement is deducted from accruals for orders twice per month.

Ozon compiles financial statements every month. They are sent before the 5th of each month and contain the data for the previous month. You can view the advertising costs on the Finances → Documents page, in the Integrated Delivery Note with additional services.