Media Advertising

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Media advertising is an outreach type of advertising which can help you to:

  • increase your brand recognition and build brand image,
  • promote products,
  • let customers know about your new product line or promotion.

Media advertising types #

  • Banners: promotion of your products, brand, or campaign on the Ozon website home page or in the mobile app category menu.
  • Video banners: promotion of your products or page on Ozon. Displayed as a block with a short video on the site home page and in the app.

You can place a banner or video banner on the Ozon website home page and in the app and set up targeting for the right audience.

Payment formats #

  • Banners: CPM, charged per 1000 impressions.
  • Video banners: vCPM, charged per 1000 impressions. The impression is counted if the user has seen at least 50% of the banner area on the screen for more than 2 seconds.
In case of debt, we’ll suspend access to media advertising and resume it when you have at least 30,000 RUB on your balance.

Amplify advertising platform #

Amplify is a service for launching a banner campaign in the Yandex advertising network and on partner sites. Your Amplify account is synchronized with your personal account on Ozon: you’ll see all your products added to Ozon after signing up with Amplify.

The platform selects an audience for advertising based on the Ozon users behavior. It analyzes:

  • pages of products, categories, brands, and stores that the customer viewed;
  • products added to cart and favorites;
  • products purchased;
  • queries entered in Ozon search.

Learn more about platform on the Amplify website

Amplify advertising fees #

Rate for product advertising in Amplify depends on the request popularity, product cost, placement, and other factors. The platform will be calculating it automatically while the campaign is on.

Settlements with Ozon

When paying for advertising in Amplify, you can choose settlements with Ozon. Money will be deducted from your Ozon account.

After sending the request in the Amplify personal account, confirm it in the Ozon seller personal account:

  1. Go to Promotion → Stencils or Promotion → Promotion in search section.
  2. In the Marketing requests section, select the request with the “Amplify_your company name_Month.Year” title and click Confirm.
You can find closing documents for mutual settlements in Ozon personal account in the Finance → Documents section.