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Banners are ads for your products, brand, or promotion on Ozon homepage.

The minimum rate for placing a banner on the Ozon homepage is 100 rubles per 1000 impressions. Rate step is 1 ruble.

Set up a campaign #

Step 1. Fill in the main campaign parameters #

  1. Go to the Promotion section and select Display advertising.

  2. Click Create campaign and select Banners.

  3. Specify:

    • Advertising campaign name.

    • Start and end dates. To show ads over indefinite time, don’t fill in the campaign end date.

    • Budget limitations:

      • Budget per day: the daily amount that you don’t want to exceed. The minimum budget is 1000 rubles per day. If you spend less than that in a day, you will only be charged for the amount spent.

      • Total budget: the total amount that you’re willing to spend on the campaign. When the total budget runs out, the advertisement display will stop.

    You can change the budget later on the campaign page.

    How to change the budget

    Daily budget is spent uniformly throughout a day. If the amount is insufficient for continuous display throughout a day, we’ll automatically stop the campaign and then launch it again. This is required to evenly distribute the budget throughout the day.

    There is a minor delay between the banner display time and the time when the money is withdrawn. Therefore, there may be some budget overrun, up to 10% of your daily budget. We recommend setting the budget slightly lower than you are ready to spend per day.
  4. Click Create campaign.

Step 2. Upload and submit the banner for moderation #

  1. On the Banner page, click Add a banner.

  2. Select a platform: website or mobile site and app.

  3. If you want the banner to be shown to a certain audience, set up targeting:

If you select a customer segment and targeting by region, the audience will be selected at the intersection of these target groups.

  1. Set a rate for 1000 impressions. The higher the rate, the more likely the banner will be displayed. We recommend specifying a rate based on your advertising budget. The amounts are indicated with VAT.

    You can change the rate at any time. In 10 minutes after the change, the banner will start participating in the auction with the new rates.

    In the same block you can see the competitive rate. This is the recommended rate per 1000 banner impressions, which
    depends on the platform and targeting parameters. It is calculated as the median rate of all active banners: half of the banners have a rate below this value, the other half—above.

    If the set rate is less than the competitive one, you’ll see a notification.

  2. Upload the banner and specify the landing page. This page will open when you click the banner.

    How to create a banner

  3. Click:

    • Save draft, if you haven’t finished the setup yet.

    • Send for moderation, if it’s finished. We’ll check if the banner meets the requirements. The result will appear on the campaign page. Moderation usually takes up to 3 hours.

You can show different banners to separate categories of customers. To do this, create several banners with different targeting settings via the Add banner button for the same campaign.

Step 3. Activate the campaign #

After successful moderation, the banner will have the “Active” status. To make it appear on the website or in the mobile app, check the campaign settings and activate it if everything is correct. check the campaign settings and activate it if everything is correct.

If the banner is in the “Paused” status, activate it. To do this, on the banner card click and select Activate.

Now your products can be displayed in advertising blocks. Products for display are selected every time the page loads.

Advertising campaign statuses #

To see your current advertising campaigns, go to Promotion → Display advertising.

Possible statuses:

  • Active: active banners are displayed.
  • Inactive: the advertising campaign is disabled, banners are not displayed.
  • Paused: banners are not displayed because the campaign budget has run out.
  • Planned: the advertising campaign will automatically start during the specified period.
  • Completed: the campaign is inactive because the placement period has ended.
  • Archived: the campaign is archived and will be automatically deleted after 30 days from the date of archiving.

To go to the banner card, open the Promotion → Display advertising page and click the advertising campaign name. You’ll see a list of banner cards on which you can view:

  • Banner status:

    • Draft: you’ve added a banner, but haven’t sent it for moderation.
    • Active: the banner is displayed.
    • Paused: you’ve disabled the banner display. To reenlable it, activate the banner.
    • Rejected: the banner failed to pass moderation. To find out the reason, click .
    • Outdated: the banner has outdated parameters. Banners with this status can’t be sent for moderation.
    • On moderation: the banner is being checked for compliance with requirements for advertising materials. Moderation takes up to 3 hours during working hours from 9:00 to 19:00 Moscow time.
  • Placement platform: website or mobile app.

  • Banner ID.

  • Current rate for 1000 impressions.

  • Banner image.

  • Key metrics: performance metrics for the entire banner lifetime:

    • Impressions: the total number of banner impressions.
    • CTR: the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions.
    • Clicks: the number of clicks on the banner.
    • Expense: the amount of money spent on display.

How to change the advertising campaign settings #

Open the Promotion → Display advertising page and click the advertising campaign name. In the panel above the banner cards, you can change:

  • daily budget,
  • total budget,
  • number of impressions per user,
  • rate,
  • start and end dates,
  • display time.

To change the value of a characteristic, select it, enter new values, and click Apply.

How to change banner settings #

  1. Open the Promotion → Display advertising page and click the advertising campaign name.

  2. On the banner card, click and select Edit.

  3. Make changes.

  4. Click Save changes.

Statistics #

Open the Promotion → Display advertising page and click the advertising campaign name. In the panel under the campaign name, you’ll see statistics on expenses and impressions for the current day and the entire period. Detailed reports are available for the last 12 months. To download them:

  1. On the advertising campaign page, click Download statistics.

  2. Select:

    • time period;

    • report type: “By impressions and clicks” or “By orders”;

    • data grouping method: by days, weeks, or months.

  3. Click Download CSV to generate the report.

  4. Click to open the Latest reports section. Here you’ll find generated reports that you requested for the current day.

  5. Click the report file to download it to your device.

By impressions and clicks #

In the report, you can view the data in the context of the impression criteria: categories or search phrases. Statistics take into account data on:

  • impressions;
  • clicks;
  • CTR;
  • average rates;
  • advertising expenses.

Explanations for some fields:

  • Page type: display location.
  • Platform: website or mobile app.
  • Display condition: the category in which the banner was displayed if it was placed on the PDP.
  • CTR (click-through rate): the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions.
  • Reach: the number of unique users who have seen the campaign.

We recommend paying attention to the number of impressions and CTR. High CTR shows that your banner is a subject of customers' interest and is often clicked on. If such a banner has few impressions, it gets into the promotion blocks not often enough. To fix it, we recommend raising the rate: the banner will be able to win more auctions and will be shown to users more often. If there are a lot of impressions, but the CTR is low, we recommend lowering the rate.

By orders #

In this report, you can find out how many orders you received within 30 days after clicking the advertisement, clicking on the product, and clicking on one of the products on the landing page. The report shows:

  • number of product orders;
  • number of model orders: for products merged into one PDP by color, size, volume, or other characteristics;
  • revenue from selling the products;
  • revenue from orders of a specific model.

What the banner will look like on the website or in the mobile app #

You can see what the banner looks like on the Ozon website and in the mobile app:

  1. Open the Promotion → Display advertising page and click the advertising campaign name.

  2. On the active banner card, click and select View. If the banner is displayed:

    • On the Ozon website, a page with a banner will open.
    • In the mobile app, the Ozon page opens. To view the banner, copy the link and send it to your mobile device via messenger or by email. Open the link in the mobile app.

If there is no banner on the website or in the mobile app, make sure that:

  • the campaign is enabled,
  • you’ve set the actual dates,
  • the banner has been moderated and activated.