Ozon Live Streams

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Ozon Live is a streaming service that you can get by making a Marketing request. It is a demonstration of the product in real time that includes interactive communication with customers in the Ozon app. The live stream lasts for one hour. During this time, your expert and presenter demonstrate and discuss the product, its characteristics, and features.

Customers can see the announcement, broadcast time, and a selection of products on the app’s home page in advance. During the broadcast, viewers can ask questions in the chat and can buy products at a discount.

Stream Preparation #

We welcome your ideas on the format of the broadcast. It can feature not only a product demonstration, but also an online practice session, a workshop, or an interview.

The date and time of the broadcast as well as the list of products and discounts are agreed upon in advance with Ozon. The entire shooting process is your responsibility: the studio, presenter casting, and the shooting itself. You also develop the positioning of your brand and secure approval for the script.

Who Can Represent the Brand in the Stream #

The expert should give a detailed, captivating speech about the features of the product and answer viewers' questions live. The expert can be a brand representative or an experienced product user.

Depending on the product category and broadcast format, the expert can be a chef, stylist, designer, beauty therapist, trainer, or veterinarian.

Product Requirements #

18+ rated products, medications, and dietary supplements can not be featured in streams.
  • Your product must be unique to get viewers interested and keep their attention.

  • A unique discount on the advertised products is offered during the broadcast and within an hour after it ends. This must be the best offer for these products: with price at least 5% lower than the current price on the website. Ozon will automatically apply an additional discount in accordance with your request. The discount must apply to all versions of the product on the PDP, including colors, sizes, and volumes.

  • There should be enough products in stock to meet viewers demand.

  • Up to 12 products can be presented on a single stream, so that each product has a minimum of five minutes of screen time.

Creating a Stream Request #

If you haven’t made any marketing requests yet #

  1. Send your request to support by clicking in the bottom left corner of your personal account and select Create a request.

  2. Select the Advertisement → Marketing request subject.

  3. In the body of your message, specify the following information for submitting the request:

    • product category,
    • planned streaming date,
    • selected commercial package,
    • budget.
  4. Click Send.

An Ozon manager will contact you to clarify the details and create your first request.

If you’ve already made marketing requests #

  1. In your personal account, go to the Promotion → Stencils section.

  2. Select the Marketing requests section and click Create a request.

  3. Select Ozon Live video stream.

  4. Choose a video streaming host. You can order a video hosting or host a video show yourself. If you order video hosting, specify the product category, the planned broadcast date, and the budget in the request. If you are hosting the broadcast yourself, you need to fill in information about your experience with video streaming and the resources for it.

  5. Click Send a request.

An Ozon manager will contact you to clarify the details of your marketing campaign.