Discount Requests

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Discount requests are a tool that customers can use to ask sellers for a personalized product discount.

How requests work #

Review the request within 48 hours, otherwise the request will be automatically rejected and will disappear.
  1. There is a Хочу скидку (I want a discount) tag on your product cards. If a customer wants a discount, they can click on this tag and send you a request.

  2. In the pop-up window the customer specifies the price for which they would like to buy the product, or chooses a discount amount: 3%, 5%, or their own option. They can also provide a link to a similar product on another site and a message to the seller.

  3. Requests are sent to your seller account where you can view them and:

  • click Reject if you don’t want to sell the product cheaper;

  • click Approve if you are satisfied with the suggested price;

  • offer your price by changing the value in the Approved price field.

    You can approve or reject requests in seller account on the Discount requests from customers section.

    You can change your decision within 5 minutes after rejecting or approving a discount. The timer starts automatically when you send a response to the request.

    The customer can use the discount within 24 hours after it is approved. The discount comes at your expense. Referral fees and rates are calculated in the regular way based on the price at which the product was sold.

Setting up #

  1. In your profile, go to Marketing → Discount requests.

  2. The Discount requests feature is active by default. If you don’t want to receive customer requests, toggle the switch at the top of the page to .

Auto approval #

How auto approval works #

You can enable automatic approval of discount requests for individual products or product categories. When setting it up, you set a product minimum price or discount percentage, and also can limit the number of automatically approved requests per day.

Discount requests are approved automatically if:

  • The requested price is greater than or equal to the minimum one. If the requested price is less than the minimum one, Ozon will offer the customer to purchase the product at the minimum price.
  • The number of processed requests per day has not exceeded the limit. If you receive more requests, you will need to review them manually.

All automatically approved requests will be shown in the main request list. They are marked with a “Заявка обработана автоматически” (“Request processed automatically”) label:

You can change your decision on an automatically approved request within a minute. After that the customer will receive your response on the request.

How to enable auto approval #

  1. In your seller account, go to the Marketing → Discount requests section and enable auto-approval for discount requests.

  2. Click Set up and specify:

    • the maximum number of automatically approved requests per day in the Your limit filed;
    • the products or categories for which auto-approval will work by checking the box next to the necessary products or by clicking Choose categories.
  3. Click Set max discount to set the minimum price or discount percentage for the product.

    The discount can be set both for one product and for a group of products. If you do not specify the minimum price or discount percentage for the product, auto approval won’t be applied to it.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Enter the text of the message that the customer will see if the request is approved.

  6. Click Enable.