Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Media advertising questions #

Questions regarding media advertising #

  • What types of media advertising campaigns are there?

Banners: a form of advertising your products, store, brand or promos on the Ozon home page and product description page. You will pay for every 1000 banner impressions.

Brand shelf: a banner, selection of products, link and a brief text description. A format combining the benefits of media and product advertising.

My Store: your store advertisement on the Ozon home page and category pages.

  • Are there any order statistics in the Media advertising campaign reports?

To get a report on the number of orders, you need to open a specific campaign and click on Download statistics → By orders. Data collected since October 1 is already there, updated in real time. The report contains information on orders received within 30 days after clicking on an advertisement and clicking on a product.

Questions regarding the Brand shelf #

  • Images are displayed incorrectly when adding products to the Brand shelf

This is a technical problem, and we can not specify an exact time frame for fixing it. However, this does not affect the impressions of products on the website's Brand shelf, the first image from the PDP will be displayed there.

  • I can not submit my Brand shelf for moderation; a "Fill in all the fields" error occurs

Check whether all the fields have been filled in correctly when creating your Brand shelf. Mandatory fields:

  • brand logo for the website and mobile app;

  • title;

  • link text;

  • link to the highlight.

  • I added products to my Brand shelf, but they are displayed as out of stock

Products that are actually in stock are added to the Brand shelf.

Questions regarding banners #

  • How do I understand why a banner has not passed moderation?

If the banner has been rejected during moderation, click on the question mark next to the Rejected status.

Learn more about the requirements for advertising materials

  • When previewing a banner, it appears cropped, although all technical requirements are met

Check which banner is opening for preview: the one for the website or for the mobile app. The banner for the mobile app will not be displayed correctly on the website. If you want to see what the banner will look like in the mobile app, open the link on a mobile device.

  • The banner passed moderation, but remains in the Suspended status

After passing moderation, the banner is not activated automatically, but switches to the Suspended status. In this case, you will have to enable it manually on the advertising campaign page. Impressions will start within a few minutes after activation.

Questions regarding bonuses and promo codes #

  • How can bonuses be used and how can they be deducted?

Bonuses can only be used for advertising campaigns. They are automatically activated and spent on active advertising campaigns.

  • Where can I see the bonus accrual and consumption log?

You can view the bonus accrual and consumption log on the advertising campaigns home page, in the My bonuses section.

  • How do I use a promo code?

The promo code can be activated on the advertising campaigns home page, in the My bonuses section. To do this, enter the promo code in the corresponding field and click on Activate. You will be credited with the amount matching the promo code.

Learn more about bonuses

  • How do I get bonuses or promo codes?

Ozon can award bonuses for participating in events and completing surveys (1 bonus = 1 ruble). We notify merchants of such events or new surveys by mailouts.

Learn more about bonuses

Questions regarding the advertising profile settings #

  • My campaigns disappeared from the advertising profile home page. How do I find them?

Most likely, you have set filters that prevent some of your advertising campaigns from bring seen. Click on the cross next to the Placement type and status or Formats and status filters. Then you will see all your campaigns, regardless of their type or status.

  • How do I view my media advertising campaigns?

You can view your product and media advertising campaigns on the advertising profile home page. To do this, switch between profile sections using the Product advertising and Media advertising buttons in the upper left corner.

Questions regarding statistical reports #

  • Where can I view my statistics, and what metrics are there?

You can view statistics of your advertising campaigns in your profile. Detailed reports can be downloaded in CSV format. To do this, click on the Download statistics button on the campaign page, specify the desired period and a breakdown by periods (months, weeks or days).

Learn more about statistics

  • What products are counted towards the Orders metrics?

A product is considered sold through advertising if the customer purchased it: within 3 days after it has been shown to the customer, for advertising on PDPs and in category search; within 3 days after the customer clicks on the PDP, for promotion in the catalog.

  • Expenses minus bonuses metrics in statistical reports

If you have bonuses in your advertising profile, they will be first spent on active advertising campaigns. You can see the amount of actual expenses minus the spent bonuses in the Expenses minus bonuses column of the statistical report.

  • How do I download statistics for all advertising campaigns?

On the advertising campaigns page, you can download a general report for all advertising campaigns. To do this, select Download in Excel format. If you need to view data for a certain period, you can specify it on the same page. If your ad campaigns span over more than one page, download the report on each page.

This report will contain the following metrics: Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Status, Expenses, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Average Bid, Average Click Price, Daily Budget, Average Price per 1000 Impressions.

Product advertising questions #

  • Where are the ads visible when a Search campaign is running?

The product added to such an advertising campaign will be visible in the sponsored shelf at the top of the search results. Advertising will work only if search phrases have been specified, since this is the main impression condition.

  • Where are the ads visible when a PDP and category campaign is running?

A product added to such an advertising campaign will be visible in the sponsorsed shelf at the top of the similar category and in PDPs of accompanying goods or the same category.

  • Advertisement impressions for 18+ categories

You can use the Search or PDP and categories advertising campaigns to promote this category of products. In this case, be extra thorough when specifying the search phrases. They must strictly match the products, otherwise the advertisement will not pass moderation.

  • Does the form or gender of the search phrase affect which query will cause product impressions?

The product will be shown for all customer queries containing the key phrases you specified, except for stop words (prepositions, pronouns). Also, for advertisement impression, the system accounts for all word forms. For example, if you add the phrase TV , your products will also be shown for queries like Buy TV , TVs , etc.

  • I can not check which search phrases yield no impressions

Your products have been combined into groups, and search phrases have been assigned to a group of products; some of the phrases have not passed the relevance test. Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no way to view rejected phrases. However, you can break up the groups and add phrases for each of the products so as to see which phrases do not pass the relevance test by the algorithm.

  • Can negative key phrases be set?

You can specify separate negative keywords so that your product is not shown for queries containing these words, but you cannot set negative key phrases. For example, you can prevent product impressions for the word "refrigerator", but not for the phrase "white Indesit refrigerator". The minimum word length is 2 characters; the maximum is 100 characters. Up to 100 negative keywords can be added for one product or product group.

  • Why has my search phrase not passed the test?

The algorithm checks how often your products or products of the same category are shown and end up in the cart for a given phrase. If the search phrases do not pass the test, you can download a report on phrases or open the Analytics → Search queries section and see how your products are being found by customers. Add the most popular queries as search phrases.

  • Where can I add search phrases to my advertising campaign?

On the campaign page, go to the Search tab and click on 0 phrases in the product line. In the newly opened window:

  1. Enter the phrases separated by commas or in column and click on Add. The minimum phrase length is 2 characters; the maximum is 100 characters. No more than 100 phrases can be set for a single product.
  2. Specify the rate for each phrase. For example, a product can be shown for queries with the word 'refrigerator' or its forms ('white refrigerators', 'Bosch refrigerator', etc.) To set the rate for several phrases at once, click on Edit the list , select the phrases and click on Assign a common rate. You can also add phrases for product groups. To specify phrases for several products at once, combine them into a group.

    Learn more about the advertising system
  • How do I change rates for all products?

In the list, select the products you want to combine. You will see the Set a rate option. Use it to specify and save the rate for all your products in this advertising campaign.

  • I have created an advertising campaign, but there are no impressions. What could be the reason?

In this case, we recommend to first try increasing the advertising campaign budget, namely, the daily budget and rates per 1,000 impressions. You should also check that the rates are not too high compared to the daily budget. If, after adjusting the budgets, the impressions do not start coming, you should contact us again so that we could check this and exclude possible technical problems.

  • Will my campaign be successful when starting to sell an unrated product or a new product that hasn't been previously sold on Ozon?

An ad campaign for products with reviews and ratings may have a higher conversion rate than the one with products that haven't yet been sold. However, launching advertisements will help you increase sales and improve the metrics you are interested in. We recommend that you describe your product in detail and upload high-quality photos. This will help the customer find it and make a decision to purchase it. Offering a discount on the product will also help you increase conversion.

  • How do I decide on the right rate per 1,000 impressions?

We do not yet have a tool allowing merchants to evaluate the auction and their position in it. However, we are working to create it. Such functionality is likely to be introduced in the future. As of now, we recommend starting with the minimum budget values and adjusting the rates while monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through statistics reports.

  • Will my advertising campaign be active if the advertised product is out of stock?

Products that are out of stock will not participate in advertising campaigns until you deliver them to the warehouse.

Questions regarding budgets and rates #

  • How does the specified rate affect product impressions?

The higher the rate, the higher is the probability that the product will be shown in the advertisement. We recommend calculating the rate based on your advertising budget, price and marginality of products. You can change the rates at any time. The rates are usually updated within 12 hours.

  • How do I pay for my advertising campaigns?

Money spent on advertising campaigns are deducted daily from accruals for orders. You do not have to manually replenish your advertising campaign budget in advance. This functionality has not been introduced yet. Ozon compiles financial statements every month. They are sent before the 5th of each month and contain the data for the previous month. Advertising costs can be found in the UTD with added services.

  • Will my advertising stop when the minimum budget amount is spent?

Yes, your advertising will stop when the entire budget is spent. It can also be suspended throughout the day to distribute the budget spending evenly.

  • What does the rate per 1,000 impressions mean?

The rate per 1,000 impressions is the amount you are willing to pay for 1,000 impressions in the sponsored block. The higher the rate, the higher is the probability that the product will be shown in the advertisement. We recommend calculating the rate based on your advertising budget, price and marginality of products. The rates can be changed at any time. Your products will start participating in an auction with new rates within 10 minutes.

  • Will I be charged if my rate did not win the auction?

If the rate does not win the auction, the product will not be shown in the advertisement section. We only charge you when the product is shown on the sponsored advertisement shelf.

  • What is the auction maximum that can be bought?

The number of impressions depends on many conditions, including the selected product category, its price and attractiveness, specified rates and set search phrases. We are currently working on a tool to help you forecast the number of impressions depending on the parameters set in the advertising campaign.

Questions regarding moderation #

  • Can I advertise using queries with competitor names?

Yes, you can, if search phrases with the name of a competitor are used that are relevant to the product shown in the advertisement.

Questions regarding test formats #

  • What test formats are there?

At the moment, only certain placements for banner advertising are working in the test format, namely, banners on the home page and banners on the Promos page. The rest of the tests have been completed, and new requests are no longer being accepted.

  • How do I participate in a test format?

You can participate in a test format upon request to the support.

Questions regarding search promotion #

  • If my product is already in the top and I place a rate on it, how much will I pay?

The position in search results now depends on the rate, so it can change at any time if another seller places a higher rate on a product from the same category. Now, for each order, the merchant pays the exact rate they set in their advertising profile.

  • How do I decide on a rate to place to get to the top?

The product may appear in different positions for different search queries. When ranking, the conversion from view to adding to cart is considered for each product. It may depend on the relevance of the product for certain search queries and product attributes (availability of reviews, rating, sales history).

By changing the rate, you get an increased number of search impressions and, accordingly, orders. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the product will be at the top for all requests that can be used to find it when searching.

A tool with recommended rates is coming soon. It will maximize your impressions by varying your rates based on current competition in the category.

  • If I update my rate, when will my product impressions start with the new rate?

As of now, it takes up to 10 minutes for the rates to update.

  • Why did my search impressions drop after I increased the rate?

You can see the number of product advertisement impressions in the Impressions column. The number of impressions depends not only on the product's search position, but also on the current demand for this product category. Impressions can drop for two reasons:

  1. Products with higher rates have appeared in the category.
  2. The demand for products in this category has dropped.
  • How does Search Promotion affect search advertising campaigns (in the Sponsored Products block)?

The new Search Promotion tool and the already familiar product advertising in the Sponsored Products block are independent tools with different payment models. You can use both tools to reach more potential customers. Search promotion does not require setting up search phrases, as relevant phrases are detected automatically.

  • I assigned a bid but can’t find my product in the search results

The position for different search queries with an advertising rate will be different. It depends on the relevance of the product to this query and competition. You may not see a change in position for some queries, but to see it for others.

  • How can I understand the effectiveness of advertising through reports??

You can see the dynamics of displays and comparison of the period against the period on the Products page.

  • Why do I see orders in the advertising report, but I don’t see them in the Orders section?

In the advertising report, the order is indicated with the date when the order reached the required status. For example, for the Search Promotion campaign the status is Delivered.