New Year's Sale on Ozon

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Ozon launches a big December promo in two stages:

  • “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” from December 13 to December 21, 2022;
  • ”Hits” from December 1, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

The promotions help to:

  • Increase sales.
  • Raise the products views and their PDPs in the search results.

Ozon is going to spend a billion rubles on advertising and attracting 90 million customers for this matter.

In total, three promotions are available in your account:

  • “Hot Sale”. New Year’s Sale which gives maximum advertising and a discount on one of the promotion days ranging from 8% to 26%.
  • “SUPERhits”. New Year’s Sale which gives the advertising and a discount ranging from 7% to 24% on all days of the promotion, which is second only to products from “Hot Sale”.
  • “Hits”. New Year’s Sale which gives products an advantage over products that do not participate in the promotion by providing advertising and a discount ranging from 5% to 17% on all days of the promotion.

Comparison of Sales Mechanics

The system calculates the minimum level of discount when a product is added to the promotion based on the product’s category.

Which products can participate in promotions #

You can participate with any products, except alcohol, electronic cigarettes, and smoking products. Follow these rules to join the promotion.

  • less than 10% of complaints about the product;
  • less than 10% of refunds, unsold products, and unclaimed orders;
  • if the average rating of the product is 3 or more.

At least two of the three points must be fulfilled.

Difference between the promotions #

What we offer “Hot Sale”* “SUPERhits” for everyone ”Hits”
Switch to the PDP from the selection on the home page and the mobile app
Switch to all the products participating in the sale from the main site and mobile app by clicking on the banner
Switch to the products on the promotion page
Promotional filter in the search
Stock counter on the PDP Be sure to update the stock You can update the stock manually.

If not, it will be updated automatically, provided that the product has been sold at least once in the last 30 days
It is not necessary to update the stock, but we recommend doing it
Position in search and categories Maximum After the “Hot Sale” products Above products outside the promotion
The table below is relevant only for sellers from CIS countries.
What we offer “Hot Sale”* “SUPERhits” for everyone ”Hits”
FBO: free placement
FBS: permanent shipping point Yes, if it is a drop-off point or distribution center
Regional coefficient
Promotion in regional search results

*“Hot Sale” is a promotion in which Ozon makes each product available to customers only on one day between December 13 and December 21. The system divides the participating products by days and updates the selection daily. Add the product to “Hot Sale” and any other mechanics so that it appears in the promotion every day. The system then changes the product’s priority and discount for that day.

How to add products to promotions #

Go to the stock list and add products to one, two, or three promotions. Discounts on promotions are not cumulative. If you add a product to both “SUPERhits” and “Hot Sale”, the customer will only be able to buy it at the price of “Hot Sale” on the day it is sold on the main page and at the price of “SUPERhits” on all other days.

You can add or remove products:

  • In “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” promotions—until 23:59 Moscow time on December 11, 2022. After this date, it will only be possible to reduce prices and increase the stock. This is necessary so that there are no overlays when promotional products are first sold and that we have enough time to promote discounts in advance on the website.
  • In “Hits”—at any time from December 1, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

What discount to give on products #

The discount amount depends on the subcategory of the product and the mechanics of the promotion. Calculate the discount from the median price of the product for the last 30 days. For example, if the median price for 30 days is 900 RUB, the discount is calculated from this price.

Ozon aims to check the discount after December 11 in the New Year’s Sale in order to avoid seller marketing ploys and maintain customer trust. The discount should be:

  • From 5% on products with a regular price up to 10,000 RUB.
  • At least 500 RUB for products more expensive than 10,000 RUB.

The product price highlights in red inside each promotion if it does not meet this requirement. To keep the products in the promotion, lower the price as soon as possible.

Category “Hot Sale” “SUPERhits” “Hits”
Cars & Motorcycles from 9% from 8% from 5%
Automotive Products from 9% from 8% from 5%
Accessories from 18% from 16% from 11%
Antiques & Collectibles from 20% from 17% from 12%
Pharmacy from 16% from 14% from 7%
Household Appliances from 12% from 10% from 5%
Household Chemicals & Hygiene from 17% from 15% from 10%
Children's Products from 15% from 13% from 7%
House & Garden from 12% from 10% from 5%
Games & Consoles from 14% from 12% from 5%
Stationery from 20% from 17% from 7%
Books from 12% from 10% from 7%
Beauty & Health from 17% from 15% from 7%
Furniture from 12% from 10% from 7%
Music & Video from 12% from 10% from 7%
Shoes from 18% from 16% from 11%
Clothing from 21% from 18% from 11%
Food from 20% from 17% from 6%
Sports & Recreation from 12% from 10% from 7%
Construction & Repair from 12% from 10% from 5%
Pet Products from 20% from 17% from 12%
Tourism, Fishing, Hunting from 8% from 7% from 5%
Hobbies & Creativity from 18% from 16% from 7%
Digital Products from 22% from 19% from 13%
Electronics from 12% from 10% from 6%
Jewelry from 18% from 16% from 9%

How to calculate and plan income from promotions #

Relevant only for sellers from CIS countries.

Ozon has prepared a calculator that allows you to predict how your income change with an honest discount and sales growth:

  1. Select the level 3 product category which you plan to add to the promotion.
  2. Specify its weight, cost price, sale price and average number of sales per day.
  3. Calculate and enter the volume of the product. You can do it by multiplying its length, height, width in centimeters and dividing by 1000.
  4. Enter the quantity of products in the parcel, the number of parcels to the courier, and the shipping method in addition to the commission when selling from your warehouse.
  5. Select the sale mechanics: “Hot Sale”, “SUPERhits” or ”Hits”. The calculator displays the required discount for participation in the promotion. You only have to choose the value that fits better.

The calculator shows your potential income both with and without discounts. Then you can evaluate the popularity of the product, account advertising, and specify how many units you should sell to meet your goals.

New Year’s Sale Calculator

FBO: how not to pay for the placement of products #

Relevant only for sellers from CIS countries and products from “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” promotions.

From November 1 through December 21, Ozon stops calculating the cost of placement for the assortment you add to “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” in any of our warehouses.

Add the product to the promotion, and from the next day Ozon places 100% of the stock of this position for free.

After the date of fixing the assortment in the promotion, the products must remain in the promotions in the amount of at least 50% of the current stock in warehouses. If this condition is violated, we will calculate the cost of the placement retroactively and take a fee for the entire period that was reset to zero. The accrual will arise in the month following the promotion.

If the check shows that you have removed the product from the promotion, we will start charging a fee for its placement from the next day.

Logistics during the New Year’s sale: working peculiarities for the participants of the promotion #

During sales, customers choose products at a discount and according to the speed of delivery. Therefore, you need to prepare for the promotions in advance.


Relevant only for sellers from CIS countries.

There should be enough of your products in our warehouses to last for the entire period of promotions. You can see the approximate volumes in our forecast, and Ozon will help speed up deliveries.

Add products to “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits” and transfer them to us:

  • By cross-docking and through a virtual distribution center—until November 8, 2022. In order to have time to distribute the products to different regions, take into account the delivery time for each direction.
  • By direct delivery to the warehouse—until December 1, 2022.

If you do not follow these deadlines, the products may not get into the promotion: they will not have time to process and get into the system.

For “Hits” there are no restrictions on entering and exiting the promotion, so you can bring products in a convenient mode for you.


Relevant only for sellers from CIS countries.

If you add products to “Hot Sale” and “SUPERhits”, you must switch to daily work from December 13 to December 23 in order to transfer parcels to delivery for 11 consecutive days. During this period, Ozon will assign you the selected point and timeslot.

The system will assign the dates from December 13 to December 23 as the working dates if you add products that you and Ozon have in stock to the sales. To participate only with FBO positions, reset the remaining promotional products in FBS warehouses until the end of the promotions by December 13.

If you sell bulky products, shipping 7 days a week is optional, but we recommend not to leave for the weekend during the promotion period, so that the delivery of your positions is as fast as possible.

realFBS #

Due to the specifics of the scheme, Ozon will not be able to offer priorities in shipments and deliveries, they are valid only for Ozon logistics.

Shipping for 11 consecutive days is optional, but we recommend that you do not leave for the weekend during the promotion period for fast delivery of products.

How we will promote products from promotions #

In the mobile app and on the Ozon website we will:

  • Create a separate sale page, where we will tell our customers about the New Year’s sale and motivate them to buy products with discounts.
  • Highlight the positions in the search and catalog; there will be a sticker on the PDPs about participation in the sale and a promotional price.
  • Show the stock counter on the PDPs on the days of the promotions.
  • Add a filter for promotional products to the site search.
  • Raise the products in the search and catalog during the promotions; if you participate in the fast delivery program, the products will raise even higher.
  • Launch TV commercials, radio ads, blogger ads and post ads in major cities.

Sellers from the CIS countries can independently strengthen the promotion with the help of advertising tools.

Alternatively you use the button Advertise promotions. It can make your products rise above the other participants products of the promotion.

Products that will not participate in the promotions will drop in the search and catalog, so it will be more difficult for customers to find them.

How to track the effect of participation #

You can track it in your personal account in the section Analytics:

  • By customers (only for Premium sellers)—their gender, location and age.
  • By promotions—Ozon will combine their schedule with the sales schedule to make it easier to track the effect of participation.
  • By the position of competitors in your categories (only for Premium sellers).
  • By the sales schedule, which will show how the sales are growing.