You Want the Sale?–You Got the Sale!

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From September 19 to 25, Ozon will hold a big “You Want the Sale?–You Got the Sale!” sale. Its goal is to prepare sellers and customers for the global promotion that traditionally takes place in November. The sale will help to:

  • increase sales,
  • raise products and their cards' views in search results before “11.11” and “Black Friday”.

To do this, Ozon will spend a billion rubles on advertising and attracting 90 million customers.

The promotion will consist of sales with different mechanics:

  • SUPERhits: with a discount of 8% to 28% on all promotional days and promotion;
  • Hits: with a discount of 5% to 19% on all promotional days and a promotion that will give products an advantage over items which don’t participate in the promotion.
The minimum discount level depends on the product category. The system will determine it when you add a product to the promotion.

Which products can participate in promotions #

You can participate with any products, except alcohol, electronic cigarettes, smoking products, and 18+ products.

To join the promotion, you need to follow several rules:

  • ≤ 10% of product complaints;
  • ≤ 10% of returns, unredeemed products, and unclaimed orders;
  • ≥ 3 is the average product rating.

At least two of the three points must be satisfied.

How promotions differ #

What we offer SUPERhits Hits
Switch to all products participating in the sale from the site’s and app main pages by clicking on the banner Yes Yes
Switch to products on the promotion page Yes Yes
Promotional filter in the search Yes Yes
Balance counter on the product card You can update stocks manually.
They will be updated automatically, provided that the product has been sold for the last 30 days
It is not necessary to update stocks
Position in search and categories After Hot Sale products Above products outside the promotion
Promotion in regional search results Yes Yes

How to add products to promotions #

Go to promotion list and add products to promotions.

  • Discounts on promotions are not cumulative.

  • You can add products to the promo until the end of the sale.

What discount to give on products #

The discount amount depends on the product category and the promotion mechanics. Ozon counts the discount amount from the product price for the last 30 days, including discounts on other promotions. For example, if the regular product price is 900 rubles, we will ask for a discount from it.

To avoid sellers' marketing tricks and not to lose customer confidence, Ozon will limit the maximum discount. You won’t be able to add products with a discount of more than 80% to the promotion.

Category SUPERhits Hits
Cars and Motorcycles from 8% from 5%
Car Products from 8% from 5%
Accessories from 16% from 10%
Antiques and Collectibles from 10% from 7%
Pharmacy from 14% from 7%
Home Appliances from 14% from 5%
Household Chemicals and Hygiene from 17% from 10%
Children’s Products from 16% from 6%
House and Garden from 11% from 5%
Games and Consoles from 12% from 5%
Office Supplies from 15% from 7%
Books from 15% from 7%
Beauty and Health from 14% from 7%
Furniture from 13% from 5%
Music and Video from 10% from 7%
Footwear from 16% from 11%
Clothing from 16% from 5%
Food Products from 16% from 6%
Sports and Recreation from 11% from 5%
Construction and Repair from 15% from 5%
Pet Products from 17% from 12%
Tourism, Fishing, Hunting from 10% from 5%
Hobbies and Crafts from 10% from 7%
Digital Products from 17% from 10%
Electronics from 11% from 5%
Jewelry from 17% from 7%

Logistics during the “You Want the Sale?–You Got the Sale!": work features for the promotion participants #

During sales, customers choose products not only by discount, but also by the delivery speed. So you need to prepare for the promotion in advance.

realFBS #

Due to the scheme specifics, Ozon won’t be able to offer priorities in shipments and supplies: they only apply to Ozon’s logistics.

Shipping 7 days a week is optional. But we advise not to take non-working days during the promotional period, so that delivery will be as fast as possible.

How the products are promoted #

In the app and on the Ozon website we’ll:

  • make a separate sale page, where will tell customers about “You Want the Sale?–You Got the Sale!” and motivate them to buy products with discounts;
  • highlight the positions in the search and catalog: there will be a sticker on the cards on participation in the sale and a promotional price;
  • announce a discount on the card of each promotional product 5 days before the start of the sale;
  • show the balance counter on the cards on the promotional days;
  • add a filter for promotional products to the site search;
  • raise the products in the search and catalog during the promotions;
  • launch TV commercials, radio ads, connect bloggers, and hang ads in large cities.

You can strengthen the promotion yourself:

Products that won’t participate in the promotions will drop in the search and catalog: it will be more difficult for customers to find them.

How to track the participation effect #

You can track it in your personal account in the Analytics section:

  • by customers: their gender, location, and age;
  • by promotions: we’ll combine their schedule with the sales schedule to make it easier to track the participation effect;
  • by the position of competitors in your categories;
  • by the sales schedule, which will show how sales are growing.