Big Clothes Sale

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From July 25 to 31, there will be a big clothes sale in 2022. For it, we’ll enable effective big sale mechanics and add new ones.

The “Clothes”, “Footwear” and “Accessories” categories are the most popular on our marketplace. 11,2 million people regularly order from these categories. To attract another 80 million customers, we will place ads:

  • on TV,
  • on the Internet,
  • with bloggers,
  • on billboards across the country.

There will be three promotions:

The minimum discount rate depends on the product’s category. The system will determine the discount size when you add a product to the promotion.

Learn more about the discounts for each category

  • Hot Sale: 18 to 23% discount on one of the sale days and maximum promotion.
  • СУПЕРхиты (SUPERhits): 15 to 20% discount on all sale days and promotion that is second only to Hot Sale products.
  • Хиты (Hits): 10 to 15% discount on all sale days and promotion, which will give products an advantage over products not in the promotion.

Learn more about the promotions differences

What products can participate in promotions #

Products from the “Clothes”, “Footwear” and “Accessories” categories of any season and collection can participate in the sale. Usually in July customers buy up the summer assortment and begin to prepare for fall.

Promotions differences #

Conditions Hot Sale СУПЕРхиты (SUPERhits) Хиты (Hits)
Separate selection of products on the main page On the first scroll On the second scroll On the second scroll
Switch to products on the promotion page
Stock counter on the product card If you specify a quantity or there was at least one purchase in 30 days If you specify a quantity
Filter by promotion in search
Search and category position At the top of the page After Hot Sale products Above products with no promotions
Placement priority for FBO The first The first The second
Permanent shipping point for FBS Yes, if it’s a pick-up or sorting center Yes, if it’s a pick-up or sorting center Yes, if it’s a pick-up or sorting center

In the Hot Sale promotion, we will offer each product to customers on one day only from July 25 to July 31. We’ll divide the participating products by day and update the selection daily.

To keep a product in the promotion for all days, add it both to Hot Sale and to any other promotion: the system will automatically switch the discount and increase the priority of the product by one day.

How to add products to promotions #

You can find all promotions in your personal account on the Marketing → Promos page.

To participate in the promotion:

  1. Click on a promotion.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select products manually or upload an XLS file. For the Hot Sale promotion, you’ll be able to upload XLS files on June 28.

From July 21 at 00:00 you won’t be able to add and remove products in promotions anymore. This is necessary, so that:

  • by the beginning of the sale there will be no overlap with the participating products,
  • we had time to announce the discounts on the website in advance.

After July 21, you will be able to decrease prices and increase stocks.

How the product discount is calculated #

The discount size depends on the product’s subcategory and promotion. It is calculated from the median price for the last 30 days, taking into account discounts on other promotions.

What price customers will see #

The customers see the price and discount that you specified in your personal account.

Logistics work specifics for promotion participants #

During sales, customers choose products not only by discount, but also by the delivery speed. That’s why you need to be prepared to participate in promotions.


Our forecast will tell you the approximate volumes, and we’ll help to speed up the deliveries ourselves.

From the moment you enter the promotion and until July 31st you have priority placement: promotional products will reach the shelves of warehouses earlier than those that are not participating in the promotion.

You should add products to the promotion and deliver them to us either by cross-docking by June 28, or bring them to the warehouses yourself by July 13.

If you do not have time to hand over the products in this period, they can not be included in the promotion: they will not be placed in property and entered to the system in time.

If you don’t participate in the sales, it becomes more difficult to make FBO deliveries: we will accept products from the promotions first.


The work schedule will remain as you set up for yourself. But we advise not to take non-working days during the promotional period, so that delivery will be as fast as possible.

During the sale from July 25 to July 31, we will assign your preferred delivery point and time slot.

realFBS #

Bonuses will be a little less due to the scheme specifics: we can’t offer you priorities in shipments and deliveries, they only apply to Ozon rocket.

You don’t have to ship products every day, but we recommend you to work daily. That way customers won’t refuse an order because of long delivery.

How the products are promoted #

  • There will be a sale page on the website and in the app, where we’ll introduce it and motivate people to buy discounted products.
  • Products will be highlighted in the search and catalog. Product cards will have a sticker about participation in the sale and a promotional price.
  • The discount will be announced 4 days before the start of the sale on the card of each promotional product.
  • On sale days there will be a stock counter on the product cards.
  • There will be a filter by promotion in the marketplace search.
  • Products in the search and catalog will be positioned higher during promotions.
Products that will not participate in promotions will drop in the search and catalog. It will be harder for customers to find them.

Frequently Asked Questions #

General Questions #

Can I participate in only one sale promotion? #

You can choose only one promotion or distribute products into different ones. But we recommend adding products to different promotions.

What happens if I don’t add my products to the sale? #

If you work under FBO scheme, there may be difficulties with deliveries to our warehouses before the sale. First, we will accept and place products from sales, so that the delivery of popular products will be as fast as possible.

Also, products that do not participate in the sale at all will drop significantly in the Ozon search results, so it will be harder for customers to find them.

Can I add new products to the promotions? #

Yes, but you need to add them before 11:59 PM on July 20.

Can orders for products that are not in promotions go down because of the sale? #

Rather the opposite: the sales will attract new customers. They will order both products from promotions and those that do not participate in them.

However, we will promote products from sales most actively. Therefore, their sales will be higher than the sales of products not in promotion.

Discounts #

If I add products to Hot Sale, will they only be on sale for one day? #

Yes, the system will choose the day to add each product from that promotion to the selection.

That’s why we recommend adding all products from Hot Sale to other promotions, so that they will be on sale for the whole period. The system will automatically switch the conditions for them to one of the days to participate in the Hot Sale.

What discount will be announced 4 days before the sale if my product participate in several promotions? #

The announcement will contain the promotion price in which the product participates on the first day of the sale. If it is on Hot Sale on July 25, we will show the discount and price for that particular promotion in advance. We’ll also highlight that it’s a Hot Sale discount and it’s valid for one day.

If products have recently participated in promotions, how will the minimum discount for a sale be calculated? #

The discount will be calculated from the regular product price, taking into account discounts in other promotions.

The regular price is the price at which customers can buy a product, not the strikethrough “before discount” price. For example, you always sell a sweater for 1000 rubles at a 10% discount, so its price is 900 rubles. This is the price from which the promo discount will be calculated.

Why the discount in my personal account is so big? #

The personal account shows the discount that the customer will see. It may differ from the actual discount.

For example, you have a sweater that costs 1,000 rubles. You always sell it at a 10% discount, which you set yourself, so it costs 900 rubles. 900 rubles is the regular product price, from which we will count the discount for the sale. You reduce the cost of the sweater to 765 rubles: that’s 15% off the regular price (900 rubles) and 23.5% off the original price (1000 rubles).

The customer will see the final discount from the original price: 23.5%. The same price will be displayed in your personal account, although in fact you reduce the price by 15%.

How do I know the actual discount size for a product? #

Divide the promotional price of the product by its regular price. Subtract the resulting fraction from one and multiply the result by one hundred. This will be the actual discount size in percent.

Are private discounts taken into account when calculating the promotional products price? #

No, only those discounts that you set for all products and not promotions are taken into account.

What happens if I add one product to promotions with different discounts? #

The system will choose the discount that is higher and offer it to the customer.

FBO participation terms #

If I bring in a shipment that contains promotional products and the ones that are not on sale, how will they be accepted? #

Shipments will be accepted in the warehouse as usual. But products in the warehouse will be disassembled and places be depending on the products: first the promotional products, then all others.

What do I need to do to get placement priority? #

Priority will appear automatically when you add products to the sale promotions. The sooner you do this, the sooner we will start placing your products with priority.

FBS participation terms #

What do you mean by “permanent shipping point”? #

This means that your shipping point will not change during promotions. During normal times, we sometimes change shipping points.

How will the shipping points change during the promotion for those who don’t participate? #

For sellers who decide not to participate in the sale, the work will not change. If we notice that there are a lot of sale orders, we can offer to change the point to a more free one.

Benefits for participants #

If I work under two schemes (FBO and FBS) and participate with only one scheme, will I have the benefits of both schemes? #

Yes, technically you will have all the advantages.

But if you participate in promotion with FBS scheme, you won’t actually get priority in FBO deliveries: the sellers who bring promotional products will get them. You’ll still be able to supply products regularly, unlike sellers who don’t participate in the sale.