Selling Bundled Products

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You can sell bundled products if:

  • They have the same product ID. For example, 10 packs of sunflower seeds.

  • They have different products IDs. For example, a shampoo and a conditioning rinse.

Bundle examples

How to Start Selling #

To start selling a bundle, first upload it as an individual product. When uploading a product in your personal account or in an XLS file using a template, do the following:

  • In the Name field, specify the name of the product or the bundle and the number of pieces in the bundle. For example, Dog Treats “Mnyams Duck Breasts”, 3 x 50 g.

  • Enter the product ID of the bundle in the Product ID field. For example, add the number of pieces to the product ID: DSPSWW_3.

  • In the Units per Product field, specify the number of pieces. Enter a number only. For example, 3.

If the bundle consists of products with different Product IDs, enter “1”.

  • In the Description field, specify the number and weight of the products and describe the bundle.

If you uploaded your products one by one, and they are already on offer, they can’t be combined into a bundle. If you want to sell bundles of products: