Selecting the Support Request Subject

Table of Contents

If the Knowledge Base doesn’t seem to contain an answer to your question, please contact our Support team. Make sure to select the right subject so that your request could be processed faster and more accurately.

Contact support team #

To contact support team, click icon → Create a request in your personal account.

Select the topic and the subtopic #

Select the necessary topic and subtopic for your request.

When you select some topics, you’ll get automatic hints. If they don’t help you to solve your problem, proceed with the request.

Setting up a personal account #

The category covers questions about:

  • seller’s account: registering, activating, setting up, deleting an account;
  • communication with the customers;
  • deleting or adding employees in your seller account.

Content / Work with PDP #

The category covers questions about:

  • product moderation;
  • creating and editing a brand;
  • uploading price templates;
  • creating and merging product PDPs;
  • displaying prices on the site;
  • adding new categories or product types;
  • products with an incorrect category or a commission fee.

Finances #

The category covers questions about:

  • changing bank details or working with changed details;
  • payments and related documents;
  • contract termination, regardless of who initiated it;
  • financial reports.

Quality control #

This category covers questions about brand documents and documents confirming product quality.

Marketing #

The category covers questions about:

  • seller’s promotions: adding, removing, setting up promos;
  • storefront: changing images, adding new product blocks;
  • reviews for points;
  • discount requests;
  • Ozon promotions: participation, pricing, product removal.

realFBS. Delivery by third-party services from my warehouse #

This category covers questions about:

  • order cancellation if it’s seller’s initiative;
  • interacting with the customer in the context of order claims, including requests to challenge the decision to withhold funds for incomplete order;
  • tracking orders or returns.