Cancellation Requests

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The Cancellation Request tool is designed to enable you to process order cancellation requests from customers, delivery services, or independently.

Benefits #

  • No need to ship or deliver canceled orders.
  • You can confirm the cancellation and keep the products, money, or both.
  • Cancellations by customer will not affect your ranking and will not lead to product locking.

Points to remember #

  • Customers can cancel orders in the “Awaiting packaging” status right in their personal accounts.
  • Customers can submit cancellation requests for orders with the “Shipment Pending” status, and delivery services may request cancellation for orders “In Shipment”. You need to respond to the request within 3 days, otherwise the request will be approved automatically, the order will be canceled, and the money will be refunded to the customer.

Cancellation by customer #

  1. The customer clicks on Cancel Order in their account.

  2. You receive an order cancellation request.

  3. You can view all your requests in the Logistics → Cancellation Requests section of your profile.

  4. You are free to either approve or decline the request. To do this:

    1. Select the request.

    2. Click on Approve Request or Decline Request. When declining a request, leave a comment.

  5. Depending on your decision, the shipment will be:

    • delivered to the customer;
    • canceled and the cash refunded to the customer.