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You can use integrated and non-integrated delivery services to deliver orders.

Integrated delivery services are services with which Ozon is integrated. We have information about the delivery services geography and their pick-up points. When you use integrated delivery services, information about delivery statuses and time is updated automatically. You can choose to which regions and cities you want to deliver orders in the delivery method settings of your personal account.

Delivery services integrated with Ozon are:

  • Russian Post,
  • GBS-Broker,
  • Leader.

You negotiate with them on your own. Ozon isn’t involved in the contracting process between the seller and the delivery company.

Non-integrated delivery services are services that you choose yourself. Ozon has no information about them. You set the delivery time independently. When working with non-integrated services, orders are delivered only by courier.

Non-integrated services include other delivery services or delivery by the seller.

Non-integrated services as a new option are not available in China and Turkey.

You can choose a delivery type and company in the delivery method settings of your personal account.

Before signing a contract with a delivery company, check out the Fulfillment section.

To enter into a contract with a delivery company (3PL operator):

  1. Email them to discuss the cooperation terms.
  2. Agree on shipping rates and payment terms: choose between prepayment and postpayment.
  3. Conclude a contract.
  4. If necessary, integrate delivery services with the delivery company.
The cost of the delivery services must be included in the product cost.

We’ve prepared a list of integrated and non-integrated delivery services and representatives' contacts in different countries.

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Ozon Partner Delivery #

Sellers from Turkey, China, India and UAE can also use Ozon Partner Delivery service.

Our partners in China:

Partners in Turkey:

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Partners in UAE:

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