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A product gets into the “Popular” section if it has a high level of impressions and is often added to cart and favorites.

Possible reasons for low impressions:

  • The product has few characteristics in the description. Characteristics are taken into account in search results and in filtering by parameters.
  • The product is specialized or narrow purpose. To evaluate if the placement of such products is effective, we recommend analyzing metrics from the “Conversion” and “Sales” groups.

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Why is my product not in the search results? #

The product may not appear in the search results if it has not passed the initial moderation.

Also, the product may not be displayed on the site if you have recently made changes to its card or it is a new product that has just passed moderation. After you change the characteristics, the product is sent for moderation anew and is not available for sale until it ends.

Product cards may not be displayed in the sales results if the stock for this product has not been updated. The product should appear in the search results approximately 4 hours after you put down the number of products in stock.

What are the types of display advertising campaigns? #

Banners: advertising your products, store, brand, or promotion on the Ozon homepage and in the product description card. You will be charged for every thousand banner impressions.

Brand shelf: a banner with a link to the page you specified, a selection of products, and their brief description. This format combines the advantages of media and product advertising.

My Store: advertising your store on the Ozon homepage and on the category pages.

Promo advertising:placing “Discount on order amount” and “Coupon” type promotions on Ozon’s promos and special offers page.

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How do I view order statistics? #

To get a report on the number of orders, on the AdvertisingMedia advertising page open the necessary campaign and click Download statisticsBy orders. Data in these reports is updated in real time. They display information on orders that were received within 30 days after clicking the advertisement or the product.

I can’t send a branded shelf for moderation: a “Fill in all fields” error appears. What should I do? #

Make sure all the following fields are filled out correctly at the creating a branded shelf stage. Be sure to fill in:

  • brand logo for the web version and mobile app,
  • title,
  • link text,
  • link to the brand shelf.

If you couldn’t solve the problem by yourself, please contact our support team.

Why did my banner fail to pass moderation? #

The reason why your banner was rejected is indicated in your personal account on the page for media advertising you create. Go to the AdvertisingMedia advertising section. If there is no comment from the moderator, check if the banner complies with all the advertising company requirements.

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In the preview, the banner is displayed cropped, although all technical requirements are met. What is wrong? #

Check which banner opens for preview: the one for the web version or the mobile app. Banners for the mobile version of the application should be viewed on a mobile device, and the ones for the web version should be viewed on a computer.

If the banner is still displayed incorrectly, make sure that the picture meets the specified requirements.

Where can I see statistics on advertising campaigns and what does it consist of? #

You can find the statistics on advertising campaigns in your personal account, in the Advertising section. Detailed reports can be downloaded in CSV format. To do this, click the Download statistics button on the campaign page, select the necessary period of interest and the breakdown by period: months, weeks, or days.

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Which products are taken into account in the “Orders” metric? #

For the “Orders” metric we take into account products that have been paid for within three days after clicking on the ad.

How do I download statistics for all advertising campaigns? #

You can download the general report on the advertising campaigns page. Select the Download in Excel format. If you want to see data for a certain period, select the period on the same page.

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Where are ads displayed when a campaign of the “Search” type is running? #

Products added to such an advertising campaign will appear in the sponsored shelf at the top of the search results. The ad will only work for the specified search phrases.

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How to promote products in the “18+” category? #

You can use advertising campaigns of the “Search” or “Product and category card” types to promote this product category. Choose search phrases carefully: they must strictly match the products, otherwise the ad will not pass moderation.

How can I see for which search phrases there are no impressions? #

Search phrases are assigned to a group of products. Some phrases may not pass the relevance test. To find out which phrases have not passed the test, break up the groups and add phrases to each of the products.

Is it possible to set negative keywords? #

It’s not possible to set negative phrases, but you can specify individual negative keywords so that your product won’t be shown for queries containing these words. The minimum word length is 2 characters, the maximum is 100. You can add up to 100 negative keywords to one product or a group of products.

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Why does the search phrase fails to pass verification? #

Verification result depends on how often your product or a product of the same category appears in the search results and in the shopping cart for a given phrase. If this rarely happens, the search phrase may not pass verification.

To find phrases that are suitable for your products, download the report on phrases or go to the AnalyticsWhat to sell on OzonSearch phrases section. There you can see by what queries customers find your products. Add the most popular queries as search phrases.

How do I add search phrases to my advertising campaign? #

Go to the Advertising page and select the necessary media campaign. Click the icon and under Setting up an advertising campaign in search and categories:

  1. Enter phrases separated by commas or in a column and click Add. The minimum length of the phrase is 2 characters, the maximum is 100. For one product you can specify no more than 100 phrases.

  2. For each phrase, specify the bid. To set a bid for several phrases at once, click Edit the list, select phrases and click Assign Total Bid.

You can also add phrases for groups of products. To specify phrases for several products at once, combine them into a group.

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My advertising campaign is not getting any impressions.What can the reason be? #

We recommend increasing the advertising campaign budget: increase the daily budget and bids per 1000 impressions. Also make sure that the bids are not too high compared to the daily budget. If the impressions do not start after adjusting the budget and bids, contact our support team.

Will my campaign be successful if I start selling an unrated product or a new product that hasn’t been sold on Ozon before? #

An advertising campaign for products with reviews and ratings may have a higher conversion rate than the one with the products that have not been sold previously. However, launching an advertisement helps generate sales and improve the metrics you’re interested in . We recommend that you describe your product in detail and upload high-quality photos. This will help customers to find the product and make a purchase decision. Product discounts also help to increase the conversion rate.

What bid should I set per 1000 impressions? #

We recommend starting with the minimum budget values. Download statistics reports and monitor how effective your advertising campaigns are. Adjust the bid values based on these reports.

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Will the advertising campaign work if the advertised product is not in stock? #

Products that are out of stock will not participate in advertising campaigns until you put them in stock.

How does the bid I specify affect product impressions? #

The higher the bid, the more likely the product is to be displayed in advertising. We recommend that you specify a bid based on your advertising budget, price, and product margin. You can change the bids at any time. As a rule, they are updated within 10 minutes.

How do I pay for an advertising campaign? #

The funds spent on the advertising campaign are deducted twice a month from the accruals for orders. You don’t have to replenish the budget in advance for an advertising campaign yet. Every month Ozon generates closing documents. They arrive before by 5th day of the month and contain data for the previous month.

You can find the details on your advertising expenses in the FinanceDocumentsUPD with additional services section. To view the expenses, download the “Seller’s certificate of completed works (outgoing)” with the required formation date. In the “Product promotion services” row you will see your advertising expenses.

Will my ads turn off when the daily budget is spent? #

Yes, your advertising will stop when the entire daily budget is spent. It can also be paused during the day so that the budget is spent evenly.

What does the bid for 1000 impressions mean? #

The bid for 1000 impressions is the amount that you are willing to pay for 1000 impressions in the sponsored block. The higher the bid, the more likely the product is to be displayed in advertising. We recommend that you specify a bid based on your advertising budget, price, and product margin. You can change bids at any time. Your products will start participating in the auction with new bids within 10 minutes.

Is money charged if my bid doesn’t win the auction? #

If the bid does not win the auction, the product won’t be shown in the ad block. We charge money only if the product was shown in the sponsor block.

What bid should I place to get at the top of search results? #

By setting different bids for promoting your product in search, you increase the likelihood of showing your product in the first positions. However, when forming the search results, the relevance of the product to this search query, and the product attributes—reviews, ratings, sales history—will be taken into account.

By changing the bid, you get an increase in the number of search impressions. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the product will be in the top for all the relevant queries.

I raised the bid, but the number of search impressions went down. Why? #

The number of impressions may decrease for two reasons:

  • products with higher bids have appeared in the category;
  • the demand for products of this category has decreased.

You can view the number of product ad impressions in the Advertising section, in the Impressions column. The number of impressions depends not only on the product position in the search results, but also on the current demand for products of this category.

How does “Search engine promotion” affect advertising campaigns in the “Sponsored products” block? #

“Search promotion” and product advertising in the “Sponsored products” block are independent tools with different payment models. You can use both tools to reach more potential customers. Search promotion does not require setting up search phrases, as relevant phrases are determined automatically.

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