Out-of-sale Products on Ozon

The data presented is based on the big data analysis of the user experience for the www.ozon.ru website. The data is provided “as is”. Internet Solutions LLC strives to provide objective and reliable data, but can’t guarantee that the data provided contains no unintentional data errors due to imperfections in calculations and/or software products used for data collection. Internet Solutions LLC shall not be responsible for any interpretation of data, can not guarantee any results related to the use of the data or the decisions made on the basis of such data.

Reproduction, distribution, copying of the data, as well as the publication of any results obtained using the data in whole or in part, shall only be possible if the source, www.ozon.ru, Internet Solutions LLC is referenced.

In addition to best-selling products, Ozon also analyzes search queries using which the customers did not find any products at all or weren’t interested in the offered ones. We collected all such queries in a separate file and divided them into three groups:

  • Not found: no products found using these search queries.

  • Only similar: no matching results, but similar products are offered.

  • Did not fit: the results for such search queries did not interest the customers.

The Share of unsuccessful requests column shows the percentage of requests after which customers didn’t proceed to the PDP and didn’t add any products to their cart.

Please note that we publish this data unedited/as is, and some search queries may contain be about products that are prohibited from placement on Ozon. However, a selection of such queries can help you decide on niche categories and increase your sales. Please read product requirements before placing products from search queries, and upload the necessary documents. Data on the products that aren’t found on Ozon is posted in test mode. If this analytics was useful to you, or you know how to improve it, please share your experience with us so that we can develop new functionality to improve your experience on Ozon.

Ozon doesn’t provide any data that is confidential for Ozon or for marketplace partners as part of this project. If you suspect that the posted data discloses confidential information, please report it via feedback form.

If you know how to improve the published data, what other data will be useful, or if you have questions about the published data, please use the form below to contact us.